Making a memorial or honor gift to Animal Cancer Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate your loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  Your gift supports comparative oncology research that brings HOPE for a cure for pets and people.

For a minimum donation of $100, ACF will post your pet’s photo (in a JPG format) and your personalized dedication.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Spock Batts

May memories of love and friendship maintain and comfort you in the loss of your beloved dog.

-Deepest sympathies-

The Brown Family

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Oliver Maisano

Oliver was a very caring and loving boy.  He loved long walks with his family, rolling in the grass like no one was watching, barking at "intruders", running, sleeping, and trying to eat sweets.

Oliver truly lived life to the fullest and taught his family many things.  He will be sorely missed and remembered forever by his family.

With Love, 

The Maisano Family

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Aloha Mok

Aloha was our first cat who was a very special part of our family.  We always joke that she was the boss of the house.  A little feisty, but very loving.  She loved meeting people and was extremely loyal.  We miss her every day and appreciate the many wonderful years we had with her.

We love you Aloha ❤️

Aloha Until We Meet Again!

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Duchess Duncan

Duchess, we love and miss you.

Mom and Dad

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Darby Myod

Darby brought so much joy into our lives.  She was full of little antics but also was one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs I have ever been around.  She fought hard to stay on this side of the rainbow bridge with us for 22 months and even though we actually got 13 years with her - we wish we could have had more.  Saying she is missed really doesn't describe our feelings.  Love you sweet Darby!

Loretta & Ted

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Esperanza Cutone

Esperanza was a wonderful companion that was with me for over 18 years.  She was always there good times and bad.  She was a fighter.  I found her at a local shelter called Forgotten Felines.  She was there for some time, being in the paper for adoption.  She was the perfect companion.  And she is missed every day when we lost her to bladder cancer.  Miss you.