Making a memorial or honor gift to Animal Cancer Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate your loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  Your gift supports comparative oncology research that brings HOPE for a cure for pets and people.

For a minimum donation of $100, ACF will post your pet’s photo (in a JPG format) and your personalized dedication.

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Max Bucciero

Max was a beautiful, gentle-natured, buff Cocker Spaniel who succumbed to anal gland cancer in October 2015.  He was 10 years old and was shadow.

He followed me everywhere and I miss him everyday.  He gave us 10 years of wonderful memories.  He was diagnosed at the age of 9 and lasted a year

after the surgery.  I miss him xoxo


Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Gandhi

Gandhi was Susan Martinez's and Greg Aldering's beloved dog who died in March 2017.  He definitely was the perfect dog for them.

With Love,

Lois Epstein

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Roxy Monterio

We are heartbroken in the loss of Roxy Monterio.  She was a special soul that will not leave our thoughts and heart.  She was taken from her family, but her legacy will live on and hopefully with this small donation we can help the life of another one going through the same challenges.

Love, Brianna and Christopher Brent

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Harley Stenroos

In loving memory of Harley who was always happy to see us and who gave us so much love, joy and happiness.    He loved to swim and fetch .  He was only 11 when  died of cancer.   We know in our hearts  he is at peace.  


We will meet you on the rainbow bridge big boy. Not  a day goes by that we do not look for you.   You always put a smile on our faces.   You were  goofy, funny and loved to be petted.    Although you loved mommy and daddy  there was  something special with you and the boys, Eric and Mikey.      You have a piece of hearts .


The Stenroos family

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Rudy Lee Rhoades

The day we rescued Rudy Lee from the SPCA in 2002 was one of the happiest days of our lives.  Over the years, he became our best friend and companion and was loved by everyone.  Rudy Lee was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in May 2016 and passed away in September 2016.  Even though he is physically gone, he has definitely left his paw print on our hearts.  Until we meet again, we love you and miss you!  

    — Rodney & Carol

Animal Cancer Foundation

In Memory of Holden M

Holden was special because he loved me and made me laugh.  He was my best friend.  I miss him every day.

Julietta M.