Kaibab by Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

A dog dreams of light, a dog dreams of shadow.
The sky is brought to earth and made tangible
when love in the heart is expressed with a pat on the

Kaibab 1993-2004

With Kaibab at Midnight
April 8th, 2003

In downtown Phoenix, it s a perfect night
for a walk with a dog, the orange wedge
moon hangs low, the ground about to absorb
its gritty sweetness.

Orange blossoms surround me
in the neighborhood dark, punctuated
by the cries of mockingbirds. Yard dogs
sing to my dog, howling positive vibrations,
as if Bob Marley were here talking and I
can t quite understand him but I know
peace is what he is talking about.

My dog is more Creamsicle now than straight orange.
She s turning ten and I am turning thirty. Thirty
the world has been without Picasso. Where
have the revolutionaries gone?
I resolve to leave the world poetry and music,
healthy trees and a sturdy house,
instead of the broken feet of statues
built by the artisans of conquerors.

Time tumbles down through my fingers.
I have learned to catch it on the page
so this moment is again,
and you are turning thirty with me.
Our world is growing smaller with each footstep.

It s your hand on the leash,
guiding the dog from tree to tree,
as she slowly reclaims the park from the night before.
It is you who waits patiently
when she needs to rest a moment.
It s your life that begins again
when you get to the end of this poem.

by Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker