Comparative Oncology Grant Awards - 2018/19 Cycle (Open October 17,2018)

Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer by funding research in and increasing public awareness of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancer in companion animals and human beings. ACF does not fund any research that induces cancer in companion animals (dogs and cats). We are pleased to announce research support for leading medical and veterinary scientists collaborating on high-potential, translational research models (limited to comparisons between companion animals and human beings). Guided by our Scientific Advisory Council, the 20118/19 award will focus on investigations of research that expand current or create novel research models with a focus on near-term veterinary and human patient benefit and/or results that justify more significant funding from government or other biomedical research organizations.

Proposals should focus on:

· Critical evaluation of the diagnostic and/or therapeutic potential of recent discoveries for advancement to clinical application

· Innovative research that incorporates novel or original concepts to expedite clinical study

 · Research conducted by DVMs, PhDs, or MDs in comparative oncology with an emphasis placed on the quality and therapeutic potential of the research, the caliber of the laboratory/facility equipment, and the experience of the principal investigator

 · Research in the critical "start-up" phase during which funds impact the ability of investigators to obtain initial results that attract additional donors


Deadline is Sunday, January 27, 2018 (Awards are determined by early summer  2019 and recipients are notifed by the organization.  Funds are distributed in lump sum upon completion of grant agreement between organizations)