March is
Veterinary Personalized
Medicine Month

Protect more of the furry friends
you love with TWICE the impact!


Dear {First Name},

I have some exciting news!  For the month of March, we are raising money to help protect the special pets in your life and help comparative oncology researchers develop and refine personalized medicine treatment for cancer for ALL our loved ones, people and pets.  And we’re kicking off this important campaign with the FIRST EVER Veterinary Personalized Medicine campaign with a matching gift opportunity for you…


That’s right, every donation to the Animal Cancer Foundation CANINE CANCER GENOME PROJECT sponsored by an inaugural gift from Blue Buffalo Foundation, this month, will be matched, up to $50,000, by a loyal supporter who wishes to remain anonymous. Don’t miss out!

Give now to have TWICE the impact on the people and pets you love who are battling cancer.

Dogs like ____________, a boxer battling hemangiosarcoma.

Cats like _____________, a _______ who was diagnosed with a ________ when she was only ___________.

 Maybe someone in your life, {First Name}?

$100 becomes $200
$250 becomes $500
$500 becomes $1,000


Cancer diseases claim nearly _____  pets every day – one family is impacted every ______ minutes

Cancer disease claim nearly ________ people every day – one family is impacted every _______ seconds!

By donating today, your dollars will be DOUBLED to save more lives through innovative research in canine cancer genomics that will help create personalized veterinary medicine and at the same time refine and enhance human personalized medicine knowledge and treatment.

Don’t wait another minute.
Give generously now, when you know your Veterinary Personalized Medicine Month will have TWO TIMES the impact and protect more of the ones you love.


Many thanks,
Gerald S. Post

President of the Board
Volunteer, 20 Years
Animal Cancer Foundation

P.S. Your Veterinary Personalized Medicine Month gift can have TWICE the impact – but only up to $50,000!  Please give today, when you know you’ll have the biggest impact on the ones you love.

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