Volunteer Spotlight: Lily’s Journey – Osteosarcoma

Speaking with Brian, the proprietor of Island Pet Center in Seattle, Washington and dad of Labrador Retriever Lily, is one of the most upbeat experiences a pet parent could have, even though Lily is battling osteosarcoma.

Maybe that’s because Brian believes in making every day for his family, including Lily, and for his customers and friends, as full of life and as joyous as possible. Brian also believes in the power of comparative oncology research to change the prognosis for pets and people with cancer, so he enrolled Lily in a clinical trial.

Brian tells everyone he can how important the contributions of comparative oncology researchers are to understand the disease of cancer, find new targets for treatment, and help the millions of pets and people who are diagnosed every day. He is there for Lily every step of the way and he and his family have rallied their community to support her.

In December, Island Pet Center hosted pet photos with Santa – guess who played Santa – raising over $500 for Animal Cancer Foundation, spreading joy in the community, and always supporting Lily through her cancer journey.

Brian’s blog about Lily is filled with the family’s love for her – to read more in Brian’s own words visit: https://osteosarcomalilysjourney.wordpress.com/

Thank you for the joy, Brian and Lily! Keep up the good fight.