Why Become A Sponsor?

Work with the most innovative comparative oncology organization in the United States and be a cancer research game-changer

  • Join other national brands in supporting research for pets and people
  • Engage customers and key stakeholders from existing and new target groups
  • Integrate your business into the estimated $52 billion annual U.S. pet industry
  • Leverage social impact that drives customer engagement
  • Enhance your brand reputation by demonstrating social responsibility
  • Engage your employees with family and pet friendly activities to help your community

Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) is the leader in comparative oncology research investment. We exist to cure pet cancer and simultaneously open the door to a cure for people, a win-win for all.

ACF Funds the most promising comparative oncology research in the world.

We aggregate resources, provide free information, and support pet parents through the cancer journey.

We sponsor collaborative meetings to further comparative oncology research

Animal Cancer Foundation gratefully acknowledges all those that make our success possible