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Pet Parent Worry #6

“I cannot afford treatment, much less specialty veterinary care.” Access to veterinary medical care is being discussed by professional staff throughout…

Pet Parent Worry #5

Pet Chemotherapy and My Household Many pet parents are concerned that the chemotherapeutic or immunotherapeutic drugs can affect others in their…

Pet Parent Worry #4

Why does my general practice veterinarian refer me to a surgical, medical oncology or radiation oncology specialist to treat my pet’s…

Cannabis For Pets With Cancer

What Pet Parents Should Know About Using Cannabis for Their Pet With Cancer When a beloved pet is diagnosed with cancer,…

Pet Parent Worry #3

Groups on social media appear to know and share so much information about pet cancer.  How do I know what’s safe…

Pet Parent Worry #2

Will My Pet With Cancer Be In Pain? “How Do I Know If My Dog Is in Pain with Cancers?” First,…

Pet Parent Worry #1

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Many pet parents are concerned that a pet’s hair (fur) will fall out during chemotherapy treatment for…

Things to Know About a Pet Cancer Diagnosis

What Your Vet Wants You to Know About a Diagnosis of Cancer in Your Pet A diagnosis of cancer in our…

Breeds at Risk for Cancer

Mast Cell Tumors (MCTs) | What are They?  Mast cell tumors are typically raised, red skin nodules, although they can also be…

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

We Don’t Talk (Enough) About Pet Grief & Loss So many in our community reach out to us at ACF about…

Navigating a New Diagnosis of Cancer

ACF’s mission is to help inform the general public of the significant impact comparative oncology has on development of cancer knowledge…

Lipomas in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Lipomas are a fairly common benign fatty tumor seen in many senior dogs. Find out how to identify a lipoma, what…

How to Identify, Treat & Prevent Skin Cancer in Dogs

You notice a skin lesion on your dog. Could it be skin cancer? Learn why skin cancer in dogs might occur,…

Things We Wish We Knew When Our Pets Were Diagnosed with Cancer

Remember, your pet is an individual not a cancer diagnosis. When attending your first consult with a veterinary oncologist, ask a…

Multiple Myeloma in Dogs

This form of cancer has no cure, but learn how to treat it early for a much better outcome.

Dog Weight Loss

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Cat Weight Loss

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How Come the Weight-Loss Food Has More Calories than My Dogs Regular Food?

You switch your overweight dog from her usual food to one whose label suggests the kibble will help her slim down, yet she doesn’t lose an ounce. Maybe she even gains weight on this new food. How can that be? It’s because calorie levels for weight management foods for dogs are “all over the place,”…

The 5 Biggest Questions You Must Ask About Pet Obesity

This is an incredibly important issue because pets with obesity are at increased risk for developing serious weight related disorders such as diabetes , arthritis , high blood pressure , kidney disease , cancer, and more. We must do better

If The Dog Is Fat, Is the Cancer Prognosis Worse?

Looking at markers for cancer survival.

Pet Hydration Month | PetSafe® Articles

Does your pet have a drinking problem? Your pet is at risk of dehydration during extreme heat. Get the facts during National Hydration Month.

8 things you can do to protect your dog in the summer

Here are eight things you can do to keep your dog safe in the heat.

Warning Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Wondering if your dog is dehydrated? Here are the signs to look for and the actions to take if your dog is suffering.

Managing Mask Phobia in Dogs

COVID-19 has brought about revolutionary changes in human interactions.  We have been adapting to these changes at lightning speed, but what…

Pet Parent Questions About COVID-19

Here are answers to some of your questions about COVID-19 and your pets. Sourced through from:

Emergency Planning & Your Pets for COVID-19

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there is no evidence that dogs and cats can spread the virus that causes COVID-19. But the CDC does recommend that people with symptoms restrict contact with their pets just like they do with people. Specific guidance for infected individuals can be found on the…

Pet First Aid | Basic Procedures

Quick Links Poisoning and Exposure to Toxins · Seizures · Fractures · Bleeding (external) Bleeding (internal) · Burns · Choking · Heatstroke Shock · Pet is

Basic Tips for Handling an Injured Pet

If your pet is injured, it could be in pain and is also most likely scared and confused. You need to be careful to avoid getting hurt, bitten or

Pet Cancer Early Warning Signs

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Pet First Aid Supplies Checklist

As a pet owner, you need to make sure to have basic first aid supplies for your pets in your household.

Multiple Myeloma in Dogs

This form of cancer has no cure, but learn how to treat it early for a much better outcome.

Effective vs. Harmful Diet Changes

Many pet owners change their pet’s diet after a diagnosis of cancer. But which changes are likely to be effective vs….

Custom Rx for Your Pet With Cancer

My veterinary oncologist wrote a compounding pharmacy prescription for my pet.  Why? In many circumstances, cancer therapeutics are not specifically manufactured…

Cancer & Your Pet: What You Should Know

Pet Parents who welcome new puppies and kittens into their families likely aren’t thinking that their precious new addition could someday…

Is There a Clinical Trial for My Pet?

At Animal Cancer Foundation, we are asked many questions regarding the best resources for pets and pet parents facing a cancer…

Nutrition & Cancer: Do’s and Don’ts

In case you were wondering what a typical day in the life of a Veterinary Nutrition Specialists is like, my working…

​Feeding a Dog That Has Cancer

Dogs with cancer have special nutritional needs. In human patients with cancer, it has been shown that malnutrition can increase the…

10 Warning Signs of Cancer

Pets have become members of our families and we want to insure that they live the longest and best lives they…