Groups on social media appear to know and share so much information about pet cancer.  How do I know what’s safe and effective in what they suggest?

We all want, need and deserve support during this journey and social media groups can provide a good forum to express emotions and find out how others cope with similar experiences.  These folks may relate better to you and your pet than your usual circles right now and some great moderators are involved but be cautious about your own safety and for your pet on social media.

  1. Advice about your pet and cancer should always be filtered through your trained, licensed, and certified veterinary provider.
  2. Most will be more than willing to meaningfully discuss your questions and concerns. Seek a second opinion, if you aren’t satisfied with the response.
  3. Locate authoritative sources of information such as scientific, double-blind, peer-reviewed studies and articles, or recognizable university or practice affiliated sources.
  4. Be a skeptic about materials or anecdotes on social media that are randomly shared and offer no authoritative source.
  5. Remember, every pet and every cancer is individual.

Don’t Be Shy!  Ask Your Vet and Find Out Why!