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Canine Cancer Genome Project Vital to Defeat Cancer

The Canine Cancer Genome Project (CCGP) sponsored by Blue Buffalo Foundation is an Animal Cancer Foundation initiative to map the genomes of the seven most common canine cancers and to place the datasets in the public domain for use by all cancer researchers. Why is CCGP vital to cancer research? Anyone who has had a loved one, pet or human family member, fail conventional treatment protocols for aggressive cancers knows that metastatic disease continues to take lives.

Personalized Medicine (PMed), the union of cancer genomics and medicine, has shown great promise for creating treatment protocols specifically and individually designed to be effective against cancer. In “Towards the Delivery of Precision Veterinary Cancer Medicine,” Dr. Anna Katogiritis and Dr. Chand Khanna outline the potential of PMed for pets with cancer and the benefit that bringing these treatments to our pets will have on informing the development and refinement of PMed outcomes for people, noting that Veterinary PMed may more efficiently lead all cancer researchers to simple cancer detection methods through blood tests and even to predictive methods for preventing cancer. As these experts note, the largest obstacle standing in the way of Veterinary PMed is the urgent need to complete the structural annotation of canine genes and they identify Animal Cancer Foundation’s initiative as a vital next step to enable PMed discovery for canines and felines as well.

Uniting PMed and Veterinary PMed research will save lives, but we cannot fully fund CCGP – the Rosetta Stone of canine cancer genomic information – without your continuing generous support for our work.

Please make your gift to Animal Cancer Foundation today in support of CCGP.

Note: We are currently waiting to receive copyright clearance to access the full article – Towards the Delivery of Precision Veterinary Cancer Medicine. Please keep checking back!

Towards the Delivery of Precision Veterinary Cancer Medicine, Katogiritis, Anna et al.
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