Dogs are omnivores and can eat both meat and plants.  While the internet is full of folks who make claims that commercial dog foods may negatively impact pet health, scientific studies conducted independently show that since commercial dog foods are regulated, they are designed to meet the nutritional needs of pets and are carefully balanced to maintain optimal health.  For this reason, your dog doesn’t need extra veggies or fruit in their diet, but many pet parents do find a role for these extras as healthy treats.  Remember, dogs are not the same as people when one evaluates veggies and fruits for safety.  At ACF, we always want to help you maintain your pets’ health.

Read the WebMD article linked below to discover what veggies and fruits are safe for your dog:

And what about cats?   Cats are also omnivores, but experts suggest that vegetables for cats be cooked so they are easier for them to digest.  For what veggies are safe for your cat, read more from All About Cats, below: