Casper had big personality, and just loved life. Always smiling and always happy!  He brought us so much love, joy and companionship. Simple car rides with his daddies just made his day.  It’s been hard to look over my shoulder in the car and not see him with that glint in his eye and barking at all the other pups to protect us and HIS car.

“Thank you, Casper. Thank you for all the love and joy you brought to our lives. “Who’s the best boy?” You were. “ –  Steve

“Casper, you took a piece of my heart and you will forever have it. I’m glad for that. In many ways, you helped me be a better human.  You lit up everybody you met and you truly loved life. Daddy misses you desperately and will always love you.”  –  Malcolm

Your popa and daddy miss you desperately and we will always love you, Casper Donald-Gray.