In honor of our Meeko who left us much too early. You gave us nearly 7 years of the most joyous times in our lives. You did your best the last 10 months battling lymphoma and we could not have asked for more. I can only hope we see you again some day in some shape or form. But for now, I hope you are in a happy place reunited with all the fur babes we’ve lost along the way – full silky hair back, perfect skin, perfect health, eating all the greenies you can get your paws on. Playing with other animals, but making sure they give you your space. In a warm place with a light breeze to flow through your hair. A nice soft cozy blanket you can sleep on whenever you feel like but somehow never makes you too hot. I hope you can still remember our smell, feel how much love we have for you, and send us good memories for the rest of our lives.  Love you forever. Jeff, Jessica and Jefferson