It has been almost two years since you passed, yet there is still so much sadness in our hearts whenever we think of just how much we miss you. We feel like we have been cheated out of time with you because of the Lymphoma that you battled so bravely. Even though you were fourteen you had so much spunk and zest for life up until the very end. When the diagnosis came in we did everything that we could to try and help. Those drives to and especially from the specialist were rough on all of us – I’m sorry that I couldn’t have been stronger for you. I couldn’t accept the reality that you may not get better despite all of the medicines, treatments, and the excellent doctor and staff that saw you just about every week. I kept holding out hope that something would finally defeat the cancer. Your Mommy wanted to believe too, but she knew better as the months passed. I don’t know if you remember, but on the ride home from that last doctor’s visit I couldn’t stop crying because that’s when it all just hit me at once. They said that you only had a few days left with us and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. We tried to get you into another doctor to see if we could get more medicine but no one could help. We tried Molly, we really tried. Deep down inside, I know that even if we had been able to get something it would have only given you maybe an extra day with us – but that extra day still wouldn’t have been enough. We didn’t want you to be in pain, and I suppose that’s where our love for you overcame the selfishness of wanting to keep you here with us. Those last few days that we had with you were so bittersweet.

We try to remind ourselves of the time before you became sick. When you would bring us your stuffed hedgehogs, mostly ‘Mrs. Santa Hedgie’ or ‘Ginormous Hedgie’, as we entered the door after being away for a short time. How you’d always greet us with your ‘Woo-Woo-Woo’ and it would make Mommy and me so happy. How you’d love to snuggle up against us at night and wake us up with kisses in the morning. How you’d try to set your brother, Wilber, straight if he even slightly growled at us when we tried to brush his beard. How much you loved the Christmas lights on the tree and would stare at them for hours. Or how you would sit on the couch looking out the front window or sleeping in the sunny spot on the floor with little barks coming from your sweet little mouth. How could we ever forget just how much you loved ice cubes, watermelon, and green beans?

You were our protector and little baby girl, and you always will be. Your memory will live on with us forever. You have our word, we “paw-mise”. The love that we have for you only continues to grow. It’s so hard to move on but with each passing day it does become a little easier and we think that is because you are watching over us. We see the Cardinals that you send and the messages that you help us to see. Thank you, Sweetheart. We look forward to holding you tight, kissing you, and being together forever. Mommy and Daddy will never stop loving and missing you. We love you with all of our hearts Sweet Baby Girl, Moo, Mooie, Mooser, Moo-er, Mooise, Baby Moo, Molly P. Cule, Sweetheart . . . Molly. You are so greatly loved and missed.

Forever and Always Yours,
Daddy and Mommy