Nola (8/16/10-9/22/22) and Laynie (9/8/10- 2/22/22) both passed from different forms of cancer last year. Nola was our Muffin from the day she came home at 10 weeks. For 12 years our lives revolved around her. She was our first dog and the love of our lives. She was sweet, adventurous, independent, loved everyone she met and doing anything with her people. Laynie was our first foster, who was returned to us three years after being adopted. The day we got her back we told her we’d never say goodbye again until her last day. Seven years later we kept that promise. She was a big personality packed into a little pittie body. She was our Monkey and was obsessed with her frisbee, loved to sleep under the covers, was my little shadow, and was the best at de-fluffing toys. We miss both our girls deeply and hope that there will be a day that dogs won’t have to suffer from hemangiosarcoma or osteosarcoma.