ACF is sending a huge, heartfelt thank you to Alexa!


Alexa is set to make her bat mitzvah this year, and as her community service project she chose to host a bake sale at her school,  This clever young woman spent time advertising for the bake sale and was able to recruit a few volunteers that helped to bake and sell with her.


The bake sale was a wonderful success—with Alexa’s signature cake pops as the draw—it raised a whopping $549.40 to benefit Animal Cancer Foundation.


Alexa knows firsthand how important cancer research is. Her loving companion, Gizmo, a Himalayan cat, was diagnosed with lymphoma in April of 2022 and sadly passed away in July, despite a few rounds of chemotherapy.


Thank you Alexa, and all of your volunteers for helping ACF to Unleash a Cure!