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The Future Success of Cancer Treatment for Pets and People

According to the National Cancer Institute…

Exploring New Medicines at the Intersection of Nature and Technology

Last quarter, we told you about the progress…

The Role of Companion Animals

The Role of Companion Animals and Cancer Susceptibility

ACF Funded COVID-19 Research Shows Early Promise

A new study published June 29, 2020 in Blood,…

Real World Evidence & Comparative Oncology

This follow-up dives deeper into the ways

ACF Mourns the Passing of Founding Board Member

Animal Cancer Foundation Mourns the Passing…

Real World Evidence What is it? From Human Cancer Care to Veterinary Cancer Care

In human oncology, there has been a growing

PEEL Therapeutics Announces Possible New Treatment for COVID-19

/PRNewswire/ — A new study published

Good News for Dogs with Cancer


New therapies for beloved pets are

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