We came to know Leena Ruedin after she hosted a birthday Facebook fundraiser to support Animal Cancer Foundation. She searched and found the organization online and was drawn to help after having three dogs diagnosed with cancer. The Ruedins lost the second of a bonded pair of dogs to cancer in 2019, and were still grieving the loss when they heard about a 14-year-old female lab mix that needed a home.

Rich Ruedin, Leena’s husband, saw an article about Wiggles on his news feed and shared it with Leena. They knew in their hearts that they were meant to adopt and care for this poor dog that had lived in a shelter for 11 years.

Wiggles was surrendered to the shelter when her previous owners could no longer afford her allergy medication. In addition, there was a large tumor on her rear leg. Other potential adopters looked past her because of the tumor. Then, in stepped her angels, Leena and Rich, who not only adopted her but took on the task of addressing her health issues including the tumor on her leg. The tumor was removed successfully, but doctors also found a plasma cell tumor which Wiggles had been chewing. That tumor was successfully treated with radiation and her cancer is now in remission!

The Ruedins plan to continue to do what they can to help Wiggles be comfortable and happy.

Leena Ruedin says throughout all of this, she and her husband never hesitated in their adoption of Wiggles. “We saw a dog that needed us and that we needed,” she said. “She filled the hole in our hearts that our previous dogs left when they passed. She makes us smile.”

Love moves mountains. Thank you, Leena, for sharing your love for Wiggles!