On Sunday, May 17, 2015 PetValu, North America’s largest pet retailer, hosted the 2nd annual “Come Clean for Cancer” pet self-wash event to benefit Animal Cancer Foundation.  On this day, PetValu and its generous customers raised $9,500 from the self-wash to support Animal Cancer Foundation’s efforts to advocate for comparative oncology research.  PetValu joined forces with Animal Cancer Foundation to support researchers studying similarities between pet and human cancer, bringing about happier futures for families and their animal companions and inspiring hope for the future of cancer treatment for all.

According to Barbara Cohen, ACF Executive Director “Pet Valu’s management, staff & customers have been instrumental in bringing increased awareness of pet cancer and comparative oncology to the public through events like the self-wash benefit.  This generous donation allows researchers to discover new methods to reduce cancer occurrences and extend the lives of cancer patients – human and animal.”

Paul and Carla Martin participated with their weimeraner Dutch at the Plainview, Long Island self-wash in memory of their previous weimeraner Blue, who survived from age 5 to age 11 years with treatment for pet cancer.  According to Martin, “treatment breakthroughs supported by organizations like Animal Cancer Foundation helped our wonderful dog Blue to survive with cancer and enjoy great quality of life.  We’d like Dutch and other pets never to have to go through cancer at all.  Events like this give us all a chance to help our pets, our friends and our families survive cancer.”

PetValu presented Animal Cancer Foundation with the donation at a ceremony taking place at the Plainview, Long Island store on Saturday morning, July 11, 2015.

(pictured left to right:  Paul Martin with Dutch, ACF Executive Director Barbara Cohen, PetValu store manager David Oberster, PetValu regional manager John Camilleri and PetValu staffer Gabby Love)