On December 21, 2011 our friend and companion, our beautiful Lab April Summer passed away. She was ten years and eight months old. She and her sister Molly have been the love of our lives since they were puppies. April was as gentile a dog as you could find always anxious to meet everyone with her tail wagging and ready to give them as many wet kisses as they could possibly stand. She was the runt of the litter and Gigi picked her because she was the smallest, but she grew into a beautiful, loving and as friendly a dog as you could find. April was mommy and daddy’s girl as is her sister Molly. They both loved the water and living at a home where they never had to wear a collar, be tied up or fenced in. They were like our children and I am sure they thought so too and they were treated as good as anyone could treat a creature that they loved. We miss her so very very much.

Ray and Gigi Scharf