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Far-Reaching Benefits from Canine Cancer Research

A study mapping genes associated with two cancers common in golden retrievers could lead to better prevention and treatment of the disease in dogs as well as similar cancers in people.

Good News for Dogs with Cancer

New therapies for beloved pets are getting developed in hopes of treating humans as well. Read more… Sourced through

Nature-Inspired Therapy Holds Promise for COVID-19 & Cancer Treatment

Answering the COVID-19 Challenge:  Nature-Inspired Therapy Holds Promise for Cancer Treatment as Well In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, many of...

Emerging Translational Opportunities in Comparative Oncology with Companion Canine Cancers | Oncology

engineering, chemistry, biophysics and mathematics with the traditional disciplines of biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and genetics have created new opportunities to better define functional aberrations in the cancer process and explore novel concepts for prevention and management.

New Precision Medicine Procedure Fights Cancer, Advances Treatment for Pets and Humans

In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists at the University of Missouri have helped advance a patient-specific, precision medicine treatment for bone cancer in dogs. By creating a vaccine from a dog’s own tumor, scientists worked with ELIAS Animal Health to target specific cancer cells and avoid the toxic side effects of chemotherapy, while also opening the...

These Dogs are Getting a Cancer Vaccine. If it Works, Humans Could be Next

These Dogs are Getting a Cancer Vaccine. If it Works, Humans Could be Next Sourced through: (CNN) – If you...

Why Dogs Now Play a Big Role in Human Cancer Research | WIRED

There’s a strong chance your aging dog will get cancer—but your pupper could also help humans survive it.

Working Toward a Cure for Bone Cancer in Dogs & Children

Drawing on groundbreaking immunotherapy techniques pioneered at Penn, the Vet School’s Nicola Mason is working toward a cure for bone cancer in dogs and children and to spark broader advances in the field of comparative medicine. By Kathryn Levy Feldman | Photography by Candace diCarlo As the owner of four Saint Bernards, Kelly Buss knew...

ACF Grant 2019: Hope for Children and Dogs with Bone Cancer

Upon a competitive selection process and the recommendation of the ACF Scientific Advisory Council, ACF has awarded a 2019 Comparative Oncology...