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ACF Mourns the Passing of Founding Board Member

Animal Cancer Foundation Mourns the Passing of Founding Board Member, John R. Considine Animal Cancer Foundation is saddened to announce the...

Real World Evidence What is it? From Human Cancer Care to Veterinary Cancer Care

In human oncology, there has been a growing focus on analyzing data gathered from routine care, leading to a new field called real world evidence (RWE), which has taken off in recent years. The RWE approaches being used in human oncology can also be applied in the veterinary space.

PEEL Therapeutics Announces Possible New Treatment for COVID-19

/PRNewswire/ -- A new study published today in Blood, the official journal of the American Society of Hematology, sheds light on the mysterious blood clot

Good News for Dogs with Cancer

New therapies for beloved pets are getting developed in hopes of treating humans as well. Read more… Sourced through

Hepatitis B-Like Virus Connected to Liver Disease and Cancer in Cats

A new virus discovered last year by Sydney researchers is now believed to be a significant factor in the development of liver cancer in cats. Further research into the virus could lead […]

Environmental Exposures in Dogs Could be Early Warning for Human Health

Man’s best friend may also be man’s best bet for figuring out how environmental chemicals could impact our health.

Nature-Inspired Therapy Holds Promise for COVID-19 & Cancer Treatment

Answering the COVID-19 Challenge:  Nature-Inspired Therapy Holds Promise for Cancer Treatment as Well In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, many of...

Veterinary Practices and COVID-19

A new human coronavirus that emerged from China has put public health officials on high alert. Here’s the information veterinarians need, both to answer questions and to address potential medical shortage issues.

Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Growths in a Dog’s Mouth

An oral mass refers to a growth in a dog's mouth or surrounding head region. While not all growths (masses) are cancerous, oral tumors can become malignant and fatal if they are not treated early and aggressively.