This dedication goes to my Roxy (aka Mummas, Grumpy Hoe, Rox, Rockstar).

She was 8 weeks old when I picked her up at the local pet store. I held her in my arms, she licked my nose and I knew she was mine. That sleepy, 8 week-old puppy turned into a silly, happy, energetic, loveable, beautiful dog who kept me on my toes for almost 13 years. She was my saving grace during my toughest of times. Two states, 4 houses, a marriage/divorce and rebuilding my life after. We went through a lot together.

A 70lb cuddle bug. Onery at times and like most folks doesn’t like to be moved once comfy. She became my grumpy hoe and my best friend. Everyone who met her, loved her and she loved them back. I wish I could have kept her forever. She knew me and I knew her. My organic Roomba, my body pillow when I sleep, my zoomie girl, my mumma’s, my road trip buddy. She brought joy into my life. And I hope I gave her the same joy back.

We fought lymphoma for a year. However, after surgery, chemo and more chemo, we’re done. Nothing was working and the decision was made to keep her comfortable. So I made a bucket list and we did all we could until it was time to do so. Ice cream. She left this world on Saturday March 4th, 2023. I miss her everyday.

A special thank you to Matthew who funded this donation in her honor. You are a wonderful, sweet, and thoughtful guy. <3