Best Dressed Airedales and Their Otterhounds

This afternoon I had the opportunity to catch up with a dynamic mother/daughter duo that have turned a hobby into a successful fundraiser.

When Katie went away to college, her mom Linda wanted to send a greeting from home. She enlisted their dogs Sadie and Missi, the family Airedale Terriers, to help pull it off. Sporting a haunting Halloween costume the dogs became an overnight sensation on Facebook. Because one photo of dogs in costume is never enough, friends and fans alike requested “more Sadie and Missi!” Linda lovingly obliged and now 14 years later The Best Dressed Airedales and their Otterhounds rule the market for dog centric photo calendars.

Their focus has always been to create and sell the calendars and donate the proceeds to charity. Animal Cancer Foundation is lucky enough to be one of those organizations. Linda and Katie know all too well the pain of a pet diagnosed with cancer. The family has lost four beloved dogs to different types of cancer and found ACF in the hopes of seeing change in the outcome of cancer.

We’re thankful that these wonderful ladies are supporters of the organization and hope they will continue to spread smiles for a long time!

By: Cheryl Steinhauer